Conclusions and proposals of the congress “Orgzdrav-2022”


On May 19–20, 2022, the 10th Anniversary International Congress “Orgzdrav-2022” was held in Moscow. The main topic of the congress was “Russian healthcare in the new reality: what needs to be done in special social and economic conditions”. This year, the congress was attended by more than 7,000 people (in person and online), of which more than half were health leaders at all levels. For the first time within the framework of the congress the ceremony of awarding the winners of the first All-Russian award “Orgzdrav: industry leaders” was held. The winners included medical institutions from different regions of the country, from St. Petersburg to Sakhalin, who presented interesting management cases in healthcare.

The article provides conclusions and proposals based on the results of the congress, as well as separate information on two key sessions: “Forecasts for socio-economic development of Russia in the face of external challenges and necessary measures” and “Mobilization of the healthcare system in a new reality: priorities, equitable distribution of resources, system of management and organization of medical care”. The full version of the video broadcast is available on the official website of the congress at the link:

Keywords:national development goals of the Russian Federation; public health problems of the Russian Federation; life expectancy; mortality; birth rate; quality and accessibility of medical care; economic growth forecasts; healthcare financing in the Russian Federation

Funding. The study had no sponsor support.

Conflict of interest. The author declares no conflict of interest.

For citation: Ulumbekova G.E. Conclusions and proposals of the congress “Orgzdrav-2022”. Infektsionnye bolezni: novosti, mneniya, obuchenie [Infectious Diseases: News, Opinions, Training]. 2022; 11 (3): 7–11. DOI:

Yushchuk Nikolay Dmitrievich
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, head of the Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Department, President of the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I. Evdokimov, Board member of the National Scientific Infectiologists? Society.
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