Regulating vaccination: a comparative study


Mandatory vaccination is seen as a landmark in public health. It has allowed all countries to effectively deal with several diseases such as small pox, polio. States usually follow a policy of mandatory vaccination in order to prevent the diseases from ever happening based on the principle of herd immunity. However, such a mandatory practice has raised issues regarding the risks associated with the administration of such vaccines, whenever any adverse effect arises. The United States of America has been grappling with the problem of mandatory vaccination and its legality since the beginning of the twentieth century and has an established system of dealing with this kind of issues. A study of the U.S system is extremely important since India which is highly involved in the vaccination program does not have an effective vaccination redressal mechanism, so the U.S. experience can be seen as a blueprint.

Keywords:vaccination; diseases

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For citation: Goyal K., Dosajh K. Regulating vaccination: a comparative study. Infektsionnye bolezni: novosti, mneniya, obuchenie [Infectious Diseases: News, Opinions, Training]. 2022; 11 (2): 14–8. DOI:


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Yushchuk Nikolay Dmitrievich
Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor, head of the Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Department, President of the Moscow State University of Medicine and Dentistry named after A.I. Evdokimov, Board member of the National Scientific Infectiologists? Society.
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